Question: How Did Priyanka Mongia Died?

Which caste is Arora?

In the All-India meeting in 1936, held by the Khatris at Lahore (Pakistan), it was decided that the Aroras, Soods and Bhatias were Khatri for all intents and purposes.

And, as such, they should be admitted to the Khatri stock..

Which caste is Monga?

Moonga Monga, Manga (मूंगा) is a Gotra of Rajputs and Jats found in Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. Moonga Jats are predominantly Hindu.

What happened Dinesh Mongia?

12 years after last ODI, India’s 2003 WC team member Dinesh Mongia announces retirement from all forms of cricket at 42. 12 years after playing his last ODI, former India cricketer Dinesh Mongia announced his retirement from all forms of cricket at the age of 42 on Tuesday.

Is Priyanka Mongia no more?

Priyanka Mongia has a massive fan following in India and has millions of followers over different social media platforms. She has appeared in many Punjabi music videos….LifeStyle.Does Priyanka Mongia, Consume Alcohol?NoEating Habit?non-vegetarian6 more rows

What is the age of Priyanka Mongia?

23 years (September 27, 1997)Piyanka Mongia/Age

Who are Mongia?

Mongia is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Atul Mongia (born 1978), Indian actor. Dinesh Mongia (born 1977), Indian cricketer.

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Where is Priyanka Mongia from?

Delhi, IndiaPiyanka Mongia/Place of birth

Who is Priyanka boyfriend?

Priyanka Mongia prefers to keep her personal details confidential and has never discussed about her dating life. As reported by several sources, Priyanka Mongia does not have a boyfriend and is currently single.

Is Priyanka Mongia died?

She died on 26 June 2020 in a road accident….Personal information.NamePriyanka MongiaBirthplaceDelhi, IndiaHome TownPunjab, IndiaDeath26 June 2020 ( Friday )Death placeDelhi15 more rows•Jun 30, 2020

Who is Anjimaxu?

• Anjali Arora tiktok Biography Wiki, Age, Height, Personal InformationFull NameAnjaliAroraNick NameAroraDate Of Birth7th January 1999Birth PlacePunjab, IndiaHome TownNew Delhi, India7 more rows•Jun 4, 2020