Question: What Is The Meaning Of White Cloak?

Is Linet a word?

LINET is not a valid scrabble word..

What is a hooded cloak called?

Noun. 1. hooded cloak – a long cloak with a hood that can be pulled over the head. capote. cloak – a loose outer garment.

Who says my life were better ended by their hate?

what does my life were better ended by their hate than death prolonged wanting of thy love (II,ii, 81-82) Romeo and Juliet William shakespehere.

What is the meaning of untraceable?

(ʌntreɪsəbəl ) adjective. If someone or something is untraceable, it is impossible to find them.

What does clocked mean?

But for those of us in the trans world, the term “clocked” is used to reflect that someone transgender has been recognized as trans, usually when that person is trying to blend in with cisgender people, and not intending to be seen as anything other than the gender they present.

What does clocked up mean?

chiefly British. : to gain or reach (a particular number or amount) Our company clocked up a record number of sales this year.

What does clocked out mean?

(intransitive) To end work; to officially record a time when one terminates a period of work. If we clock out now we can be at the bar by happy hour.

What does lapping mean?

Lapping is a machining process in which two surfaces are rubbed together with an abrasive between them, by hand movement or using a machine. … The other form of lapping involves a softer material such as pitch or a ceramic for the lap, which is “charged” with the abrasive.

What is the opposite of cloak?

cloak. Antonyms: exhibit, propound, promulge, portray, aggravate, expose, demonstrate, reveal. Synonyms: conceal, disguise, mask, veil, hide, cover, palliate, screen, mitigate, extenuate.

Is it socially acceptable to wear a cape?

No, not usually. In fact, it’s so unusual that it invites ridicule. It’s a shame, because it’s actually a very practical garment in some kinds of weather. I love coats and jackets, and there is a good wool cape with a detachable hood in my collection.

What does I have night’s cloak to hide me from their eyes?

“Arise, fair sun and kill the envious moon.” Romeo is saying that the moon is capable of killing the sun. 2. “I have night’s cloak to hide me from their eyes.” Romeo is saying that the night can wear a cloak.

What is another word for hidden?

What is another word for hidden?concealedcoveredlatentsurreptitiousunexposedunseencloudeddisguisedeclipsedmasked91 more rows

What is the meaning of cloak?

loose outer garment(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a loose outer garment. 2 : something likened to an outer garment: such as. a : something that envelops or conceals a cloak of secrecy.

What does night’s cloak mean?

Means: Juliet doesn’t want Romeo to leave. I have night’s cloak to hide me from their eyes.

What is another word for cloak?

Cloak Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for cloak?capemantlerobeshawldressgarmentshroudveilwrapponcho24 more rows

Where did the term clocked come from?

slang (orig. U.S.)’ and the earliest citation, from an American source, is dated 1942. At roughly the same time the verb is also first found as meaning ‘to punch in the face’. ‘Clock’ is first recorded as a noun meaning ‘the human face’ in 1923.

What is a woman’s cloak?

A mantle (from old French mantel, from mantellum, the Latin term for a cloak) is a type of loose garment usually worn over indoor clothing to serve the same purpose as an overcoat. … For example, the dolman, a 19th-century cape-like woman’s garment with partial sleeves is often described as a mantle.

What is the meaning of Linnet?

brownish Old World finch: a common small brownish Old World finch (Acanthis cannabina) of which the male has red on the breast and crown during breeding season.

Why are cloaks no longer worn?

Cloaks/capes had slowly began to fall out of fashion by the end of the 19th century. … As for why they are not used is due to the coat and the limitation of the cloak. The cloaks main design was to keep you dry from the rain (and the cape was to keep your upper back dry).

Who says I hate my name because it’s your enemy?

That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet. So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called, Retain that dear perfection which he owes Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name, 50 And for that name, which is no part of thee Take all myself. Only your name is my enemy.