Quick Answer: Is Sermo Legit?

How do I do a survey on Sermo?

A list of surveys currently available to you can be found on the “Surveys” page on Sermo.

You can reach this page by clicking the “Surveys” button in the navigation at the top of your screen when you’re logged into Sermo..

What is doximity used for?

Doximity Dialer is a feature on Doximity’s mobile application (iOS and Android) that allows you to call patients using your cell phone while displaying any phone number of your choice on the patient’s caller ID. You can download Doximity Dialer, found on the Doximity app, here.

What is Sermo preferred status?

4. Preferred Status. If you maintain a balance of $100, €100, £100 or its equivalent in your local currency or more in your honoraria and incentive account, you will be deemed as “Preferred Status,” which entitles you to more, prioritized placement in survey invitations.

How much do medical surveys pay?

A rough estimate is that you can expect to receive at least $1 per minute of your time. The best medical surveys surpass this. Any medical survey paying less than this probably is not worth your time unless you’re a student or you’re bored.

Is Sermo credible?

About Sermo It is the most trusted global platform for physicians with over 800,000 fully verified and licensed physicians across 150 countries.

How does Sermo make money?

SERMO is free for users, but it makes money by selling advertising to pharmaceutical companies and others and making its large pool of doctors available for frequent online polling by SERMO’s business wing, SERMO Intelligence. … “It’s also a large physicians’ community platform.