Quick Answer: What Are Some Good C Words?

What is a 7 letter word starting with C?

7-letter words starting with CCabadascabalascabanascabaretcabbagecabbagycabbalacabbiescabbingCabeiri25 more rows.

What is a 5 letter word starting with C?

5-letter words starting with CCaabacaaedcacaocacascachecackycactiCADAMCaddocaddy25 more rows

What is an adjective for the letter B?

Blissful – full of happiness and joy. Bodacious – bold; someone simultaneously audacious and admirable. Boisterous – noisy, energetic, or rowdy. Bonkers – crazy.

What is a 6 letter word starting with C?

6-letter words starting with CcaaingCaanancabbincaberscabinscabledcablercablescabletcabman25 more rows

What word has 2 C’s?

In additional to the word accuse, the two c’s in the words accustom, occasion, impeccable, accommodate, and tobacco are pronounced with a single k sound. In addition to the word succeed, the two c’s in the words access, vaccine, and accident are pronounced as a k sound followed by an s sound.

What is a verb that starts with C?

English Verbs Starting with CVerbSimple PastPast Participleto callcalledcalledto calligraphcalligraphedcalligraphedto calmcalmedcalmedto calvecalvedcalved96 more rows

What is a nice word for K?

List of Positive Words That Start With KKeenKudosKlatchKindKeepKindlyKissKnowledgeKarmaKingKernelKiddingKiddieKnightKindred

What are some adjectives that describe a person?

Personality: ambitious, sincere, responsible, sophisticated, outspoken, considerate, modest, eloquent, energetic, thoughtful, obliging, sociable, assertive, attentive, outgoing, pleasant, gentle, courteous, punctual, trustworthy, cheerful, easy-going, well-behaved, calm.

What are words that start with C to describe someone?

Adjectives Starting with C to Describe a Personcalculated.callous.calm.cambodian.cambrian.candid.cantankerous.capable.More items…

What are 5 positive words?

Positive Words Vocabulary Listabsolutely. accepted. acclaimed. accomplish. accomplishment. … beaming. beautiful. believe. beneficial. bliss. … calm. celebrated. certain. champ. champion. … dazzling. delight. delightful. distinguished. divine.earnest. easy. ecstatic. effective. … fabulous. fair. familiar. famous. … generous. genius. genuine. giving. … handsome. happy. harmonious. healing.More items…

What is a positive word starting with C?

List of Positive Words That Start With CCleverCupidCapaciousCreativeCreativityCelestialCelebrateCapableCapabilityCommunicityComfortComfortableCareCaressCaring11 more rows

What is a noun that starts with C?

50 Nouns Starting With CNounDefinitionSynonymcardinala red songbird with a noticeable crest and stout billbird, songbirdcareclose attention or concern for anotherconcern, empathy, interestcareerwhat you do for a livingoccupation, vocation, workcashcurrency and coinscapital, clink, money46 more rows

What are nice words?

WORDS RELATED TO NICEamiable.amicable.approachable.benevolent.benign.breezy.civil.clubby.More items…

How do you describe somebody?

2. Describing Someone’s Character and Personalitypolite (Please be polite to our guests.)friendly (Everyone was very friendly towards me.)honest (He was a hard-working honest man.)generous (She’s always very generous to the kids.)rude (She was very rude about my driving.)lazy (He is the laziest boy in the class.)More items…

What are some C words?

cabal.cabby.caber.cabin.cable.cabob.cacao.cacas.More items…

What is the best word you can describe person C?

Here’s a list of some positive adjectives that start with the letter C you can use to describe a person, place, or thing:Civil.Clean.Clever.Comfortable.Cooperative.Cordial.Creative.Cute.More items…•Mar 5, 2019

What is the best positive word?

Top 25 Positive Words In EnglishFlourishing. … Lustrous. … Noble. … Respect. … Laughter. Laughter is the sound of someone laughing. … Unconditional. Unconditional means there are no conditions attached. … Smiling. Smiling is laughing in a smaller, quieter way. … Hope. Hope is the expectation that something will happen.More items…

What type of word is cute?

adjective, cut·er, cut·est. attractive, especially in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little apartment. appealing and delightful; charming: What a cute toy! affectedly or mincingly pretty or clever; precious: The child has acquired some intolerably cute mannerisms. mentally keen; clever; shrewd.